Welcome to the Doctors Reform Society of Australia

The Doctors Reform Society (DRS) is an organisation of doctors and medical students promoting measures to improve health for all, in a socially just and equitable way. The Society was formed in 1973 to support a proposal for a publicly-funded universal health insurance system.  Medibank (now Medicare) was successfully created despite opposition from the Australian Medical Association.

All members’ views are valued, and open debate on all health issues is encouraged both within and outside the organisation.  The DRS functions as a medico-political think tank, a lobby group and a public resource centre.

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Membership of the Doctors’ Reform Society is open to all medical practitioners and medical students who believe that everyone, regardless of their social or economic status, should have access to high quality healthcare.

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DRS National Conference

The 2013 conference was held in Melbourne 19-20th October at Ross House 247 Flinders Lane.

Speakers included:

  • Richard Di Natale:
  • Greens Health Spokesperson;
  • Fiona Armstrong: Convenor Climate and Health Alliance, previously Chair, Australian HealthCare Reform Alliance;
  • Helen Keleher, Medicare Locals;
  • Freya Langham, AMSA Global Health

Registration 9.30-10am Saturday ($90 – med students $10); 9.30-10am Sunday: Annual General Meeting for members

The 2012 National conference and AGM was held on 29-30 September in the State Library of WA. More details here and also see 2012 conference report by Elissa Campbell.

Media Releases

20th Jun 2016

Forget bulk billing, forget a fair go, lets have a privatised health system

By: Dr Peter DavorenAnd: Dr Tim Woodruff

The Prime Minister’s assurance that he is not intending to privatise Medicare must be questioned. His policies are making it harder for our patients to get decent health care. Privatisation by stealth is here. He already plans to privatise the Medicare payments system. His claims simply do not ring true, said Dr Peter Davoren, President, Doctors Reform Society.

Read more


23rd Jul 2016

Elitism/Entitlement drives our leaders policies

Source: Eureka Online Magazine
By: Dr Tim Woodruff


Do our leaders believe in a fair go? The Prime Minister has stated that he and Lucy have been lucky and observed that “there are taxi drivers that work harder than I ever have and they don’t have much money”. Read more