In his maiden speech in 2002, the new Health Minister Greg Hunt stated,

The next expansion in private health coverage is, I believe, through employer incentives for the inclusion of health care in workplace arrangements’

If anyone doubted the true agenda of the Coalition is to turn our health system into a United States style grossly unfair two tiered health system, this comment makes it clear that he is not a believer in universal health care and a fair go for everyone, but rather that he believes Medicare should be a second rate safety net.

Combining this with the Prime Minister’s comment on ABC radio in 2009,

‘In an ideal world, every Australian would have private health insurance. That would be the best, that would be the best outcome.’,
and it becomes crystal clear that no matter what they do or say, the long term Coalition agenda is for Australians to have a two tiered health system, one for those who can afford private health insurance, whether it be because they have the money or they have a good job, and a second rate safety net for the rest.
This approach certainly puts freedom of choice first (buying private health insurance) and equality second, but the problem is that, as in the United States, a huge percentage of the population cannot afford the choice. This is the Coalition vision.
Is the new Minister prepared to state that his vision is otherwise, that he believes in the Medicare which Australians know and want, a Medicare for everyone.

Dr Tim Woodruff Dr Con Costa President Vice President
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