About Us

The Doctors Reform Society (DRS) is an organisation of doctors and medical students promoting measures to improve health for all, in a socially just and equitable way. The society was formed in 1973 to support a proposal for a publicly-funded universal health insurance system.  Medibank (now Medicare) was successfully created despite opposition from the Australian Medical Association.

All Australians have public health insurance paid through taxes. This provides substantial rebates or subsidies for medical care and access to public hospitals with no out of pocket costs.

Media releases are regularly issued. Articles and letters from members frequently appear in the press.  National conferences are held annually and an extensive policy document has been developed.

The DRS produces a journal, New Doctor. Publication of this journal is currently in recess.

All members’ views are valued, and open debate on all health issues is encouraged both within and outside the organization.  The Friends of Medicare “Fact Sheets” are also available.  The DRS functions as a medico-political think tank, a lobby group and a public resource centre.

It is not affiliated to any political party, receives no corporate funding, and relies financially on subscriptions and donations.

The DRS will speak out against any political party, organisation or individual that threatens public health care.