“The news of a likely 5% private health insurance hike again this year means another $250 million in taxes gifted to the very profitable private health insurance industry whose leaders are enjoying a 30% plus rise in remuneration over the last few years, said Dr Tim Woodruff, president,” Doctors Reform Society. “It comes as ongoing research (the Household Financial Comfort Report) shows unsurprisingly that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting relatively poorer.”

“Meanwhile the Federal Government’s continues its heartless punishment of Centrelink welfare recipients irrespective of whether they are defrauding or not, leading to completely unnecessary and stressful situations for some of the most vulnerable in the community, some of whom are almost certainly on 3 year public hospital waiting lists, never dreaming of taxpayer subsidised private health insurance.”

“Meanwhile the Medicare rebate freeze designed to stop patients seeing their GP as often, will save $744 million over 3 years. Take from struggling patients, and give to private health insurers. This is Federal Government policy.”

“When will this heartless Federal Government govern for all Australians?” asked Dr Woodruff.

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