Friday 9th September 2012


 "The announcement today that 4200 people will be sacked from Queensland Health should send shock waves around Australia," said Dr Peter Davoren, Queensland president, Doctors Reform Society.

"The Health Minister indicated that Queensland Health was told to find $326 million in savings, the equivalent of 4142 jobs," said Dr Davoren. "What he may not have said is that the advice came from an audit committee headed by former Federal Treasury Peter Costello, and that the policy has the ringing endorsement of both Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey."

 "If this is what Federal Liberals feel is great for Queensland, imagine what is secretly planned for the Federal funding of health if the Coalition wins next year," said Dr Davoren.

 "The claim that such huge cuts will not impact on front line services and on the most needy and vulnerable in our community beggars belief and is pure political spin," said Dr Davoren. Additionally however it will mean reduced public health services for everyone in Queensland as everyone needs public health services working in emergencies, and they can't work without staff.

 "Queensland may well become the unhealthy state soon, but with the Federal Coalition so in tune with this slash and burn approach, it would appear that the health of nation is at serious risk. "


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